Keeping it or letting go


As I was going thru my shoe closet, I found this pair that’s a perfect fit for those sunny yet a little bit chilly weather-and can give my over worn UGG boots a break.  If my memory serves me right, these shoes are about 18 years the least.  It still looked good, perhaps because it was rarely used.  I can’t help but smile thinking how old these shoes are and still in good condition, and fell right in with my OOTD (outfit of the day).  In my mind, this is awesome.

Rushing out, I slipped and almost fell–the shoes have no traction at all!!  I was in the middle of should I go back & change or just leave.  Since it’s not raining anyways, I chose to leave and just deal with it if ever.

I was mulling about the shoes as I was driving, trying to find the rationale’ Continue reading “Keeping it or letting go”