You got it right.  I’m the eldest in a brood of five. I’m the Big SiStar.  I have 3 SiStarettes, & only 1 Bro. But you’ve got to throw in there a big mix of aunties & uncles, cousins, nephews & nieces, & grand ones too (not too sure if there are great grand ones already). Oh, but don’t forget the “adopted” ones: the in-laws; the housemates; close friends & classmates; & neighbors that eventually became an extended family- it all formed an eclectic brood, and i’m proud to say that i belong to one FAMBAM!!

Though I’m not the eldest grandchild, I sort of became the Big SiStar. Growing up, became the Grandparents’ favorite, all eyes were on me.  The perks of being the favored one came with the hefty price, no sleep overs to friends’ house, no staying out late,


Oh geez, that was 2 months ago….but this introduction need more…so until then


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