Its not much ado about nothing, it is something

As we greet the new year, we look back at the past year with grateful heart. Same time as last year’s, some still plan that “resolution”. Some actually succeeded while some knew those plans were bound to fail. I for myself is one of the latter. At my age, I still wanted to do so much. I’d like to believe age is just a number, but i have so many indicators that clearly & loudly scream “are you kidding me?”.  I am in that phase where I’m trying to catch up on so many things, my passion hasn’t slowed down yet. I want to believe that’s reason enough for me to pursue the things I have in mind.

One of those is to continue with my blog. I already started, struggled with that perfect fit of a username, forgot about it, started again, and pfft…. The last one i did was at the height of my becoming a “Maine fan girl”. I wanted to write so much about how this girl have this effect on a lot of people, with 110 characters in twitter not being enough, its high time to go back and give breath to that dying blog.  I wanted to write my thoughts on every blog she wrote, how inspiring she has become.

But I know I have so much more aside from my fan girling, and i’ll be more than happy to share my thoughts.

My being away from my siblings for 13 years is also a big factor. Gone are the never ending talks til the wee hours of the morning, the bonding over food, over music, funny-sad-exciting-crazy-happy life anecdotes, our putting up with our brother’s corny jokes, our ganging up on our youngest sister-being mean to her at her worst behavior, our weekend foot spa, grocery errands, movie date, k-drama marathons, and so much more. Blame it on our time zone difference too and life happening. We’ve grown up, and literally, distance made us grow apart.  I continued on with my life here, away from what has been ME, and i turned into something of a bore and just went on with life. Lately however, (at the start of 3rd quarter of last year) thanks to technology-though distant, we got to bond and be giddy over ALDUB through messenger/video chats-our own split screen world too.

So yes, though i look at myself as someone who struggles with a resolution, at least i started with this one on the right foot..

So for 2016 these are the things i set my heart into:
1. Make time for what matters most
2. Live simply & minimally
3. Break a bad habit (procrastinator at its worst)
4. Learn a new skill
5. Visit a new place
6. Embark on an educational trip
7. Read a difficult book
8. Finish what i started
9. Try a new food
10. Take on an important task

More importantly, be back to that BigSiStar to all that have been part of my life, be more involved, be a new  BigSiStar to one that is in need of one.

And of course, CHOOSE HAPPY


2 thoughts on “Its not much ado about nothing, it is something

    1. Well little sistar, me being used to have all the time to talk to people, then suddenly uprooted & settled in the most time demanding place of all, I yearn for those moments that I speak my mind. Rather than do it on facebook, write it here. Sort of my own journals, grateful if someone will happen to pass by & read my mind… & to you my dearest first ever commenter, thank you 😊❤


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